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ADF Haiti

Association pour le développement de Fond-des-blancs

about adf

ADF wants to help guide and orient development in the area so that the work of all local organizations gets done with the intention of bringing about one shared vision for Fond-des-Blancs. This will mean providing the framework through which organizations can communicate and collaborate in a way take makes the best use of available resources. There are many successful, hardworking, and well intentioned organizations in Fond-des-Blancs that have done great work over the last thirty years, but they have never had a collaborative framework through which they could coordinate their efforts together towards a shared vision. The lack of communication and collaboration has, in some cases, resulted in fractured and segmented development along with inefficient use and waste of resources. ADF wants to create an environment through which organizations are encouraged to communicate, collaborate, and engage one another.

our mission

To reinforce the capacity of local organizations and coordinate and orient their work towards one shared vision

our vision

To turn Fond-des-Blancs into a model community upon which other communities can base their own development. This means creating both the environment and the opportunities to not only keep people in Fond-des-Blancs, but to also attract the best minds that the world has to offer.

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