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Fond-des-Blancs: A Model Community

The trajectory for every young Haitian is: leave their rural community, move to Port au Prince and finally go overseas. The refrain usually is: ‘there is nothing here for me’. Yet, we all know that Port au Prince is a dead-end. The problems of Port au Prince are actually the unsolved problems of rural Haiti. Port au Prince can never be what it needs to be if the needs of the rural communities are not addressed. There was a lot of talk about decentralization after the 2010 earthquake but a lot of the chatter has died down. We need to reverse this trend. We need to create both the environment and the opportunities not only to keep our young people home, but to also to attract the best that the world has to offer to our community.

Our Policies

ADF and Build Health International have partnered to assess and map the Fond des Blancs Commune following Hurricane Matthew. This form allows you to directly request specific assessment data. Please fill out the form and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We do request that if we provide you with data, you keep us up to date on your activities in the communities your organization is working in so that we can update the maps accordingly. To learn how to submit an organizational activity report, please email Avery at [email protected]